Skylights & Sun Tunnels

Let That Sunshine In!

The sun is an excellent source of light
why not use it and save a few dollars on your power bill at the same time. 

Whether you are adding a new skylight in your family room or replacing an old skylight there are various styles and options to choose from. Spend a little time on this page and you will know more about skylights that most people.  This page should help to educate you about the different styles and options you have. 


What Type Of Skylights Are There?

There are mainly two types. They are the CURB MOUNTED and the DECK MOUNTED.
Both types have venting and non venting. A venting skylight is one that opens to let air in or out. A non venting skylight does not open.  Venting skylights can be opened manualey or by electric with a switch or remote control. Some skylights have blind built into them that can be opened either manually or by remote control. Skylights come in colors with the clear and smoked being the most popular. 

Sun Tubes
If you are thinking of installing a new skylight. A Sun Tube will let light in and save you money and time on work inside your house, Things like framing out the ceiling hole for the skylight and the cost of drywall work, finishing and panting your ceiling.

Consider The Benefits Of A Skylight

Red Check Brings in natural light

Red Check Reflects the sun's heat and UV rays

Red Check Great for both residential and commercial usage

Red Check Can be added to many existing roof surfaces

Red Check Save on your electric bill year after year

Red Check Can be installed around attic obstructions (Sun Tubes)

Red Check Includes Manufacturer's Warranty

Below are a few skylights for reference.


Curb Mounted

Deck Mounted


Sun Tube


Sun Tube Cut Away


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